Within the Student Dashboard, your student's data (i.e. assessments, goals, and strategies you've assigned) will be filed under a review period. A review period is the IEP start/end dates that the student's data applies to. When you have an upcoming IEP due date, SLP Toolkit will walk you through every step needed to gather comprehensive data for writing an objective IEP!

To create a new review period, click the blue plus sign icon. Check the box to carry the new dates over to the caseload tab.

If you unintentionally create a new review, you can delete it in the top right corner. Make sure you want to delete this review, as this action is permanent and cannot be undone.

After creating a new review, you will then be able to assign which Present Level Assessment you'll administer, which will also help you determine which Progress Monitoring Tools to get a baseline and determine which goals to write for your student.

Below the Progress Monitoring Tools you can use the drop down to assign which goal(s) it corresponds with. There's also an area for Notes under each section to add additional information you might want to remember or bring up in an IEP meeting.

You can move assessments or goals to a different review period if needed. To do this, click 'Actions', then 'Move to', and select which review you would like to move it to.

If you have any data you've archived for a student, you can go back and create a review period for that data too. To do this, click 'Actions', then 'View archived data', and then click the blue plus sign to add a review period for the data you would like to restore.

When you're done, you can print a copy of the IEP review to take to your meeting by clicking on the printer icon. This annual review is a great snapshot of information that will be so helpful when you're getting ready to write a new IEP!

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