We understand that our users are not in their accounts as actively over the summer months; however here are some benefits of maintaining your subscription during this time:
  • you are locked in at your current subscription price and will not be subject to any plan increases
  • you can clean up your caseload to prepare for next school year
  • you can participate in SLP Toolkit Summer Camp, exclusive to paid subscribers, to help you recharge for an awesome upcoming school year. This year you will be able to earn up to .5 ASHA CEUs for participating, a value of $100!
If you decide to move forward with cancelling your account, you can cancel anytime in your account profile when signed into your account.
If you decide to reinstate your subscription after summer, you can do that at any time by logging into your Toolkit account, choosing a subscription plan, and adding payment info. Be sure to refresh your browser once you reinstate your account so your old data will repopulate.