At this time, the system is only set up to account for one user. You are able to be signed into one account from up to two different devices, but if two users are trying to use the account (e.g. collect data, write notes, test a student, etc.) at the same time, the account can get corrupted as the server doesn't recognize which data to store. 

Some subscribers do share their account with an SLPA or graduate student; however, they are careful to coordinate that only one person is using the account at a time. Others opt to have those they supervise use paper data sheets, which can be found in the Reports tab under 'Data Collection Sheets'. 

If you share students with another SLP, there is not currently a way to sync data between two different accounts. Rather, each user would have their own digital file on the student. You can email data reports to those you collaborate with to get a better picture of how your student is performing.

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