1. To place your first order with us, click here: https://slptoolkit.formcrafts.com/order

  2. To place a renewal order, email sales@slptoolkit.com for your unique renewal URL link.
  3. To access our W9, click here

  4. If you need our sole source affidavit, click here to access.

  5. SLP Toolkit vendor set up and payment remittance info: SLP Toolkit, LLC. 124 W. 1st St., Mesa, AZ 85201. Phone: (480) 442-3266. We do not have a fax number.

  6. If you need us to complete any additional vendor forms, email them to sales@slptoolkit.com.

  7. We also accept credit card payments.

  8. Monthly subscription plan types and in app coupons are not eligible for purchase order sales.

  9. For privacy contracts, we are able to implement this standard contract at no charge, or can implement a custom contract with your district for orders of 25+ (email sales@slptoolkit.com for more info).

If you have any additional questions not answered above, email us at sales@slptoolkit.com.

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