To customize the color scheme of your schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Caseload tab and click on the 'Actions' drop down at the top.
  2. Select 'Manage Color Schemes.'
  3. Go to 'Actions' and then select 'New Color Scheme.' 
  4. Rename your color scheme and select how you would like your scheme to be sorted (e.g. grade, student, teacher, additional tags, or type of therapy). 
  5. When you click on a color, you can change the color according to your preference.

You've now created a new color scheme!

*Note: After creating your color scheme, if you need to add additional items to your scheme (e.g. you added a new additional tag to the Caseload screen), you will need to click the refresh button and choose a color for the new item.

You can always add additional items to a color scheme, but you cannot remove an item, even if it no longer exists on your Caseload screen. 

To apply the color scheme to your schedule, open your schedule from the agenda view. Next, go to 'Actions' at the top and select 'Edit Calendar Details.' Finally, select your new color scheme and save any changes.

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