Taking data digitally in SLP Toolkit makes billing for Medicaid slightly less painful, as you can easily extract all of the information taken in a session with the click of a button! Meet our new report: Data Billing Export!
Here's a tooltip to show you how it works:

Click on the Reports tab and find our newest report at the bottom of the list:
When you click on the Data Billing Export report, select your students and a date range, then you will see all of the documentation 'most' Medicaid billing software requires.
You can easily edit the following fields with the info you need for individual students or your entire caseload with Actions > Select All. Then make sure to check the box beside each field you want to edit:
Click the print button and you now have all of this information exported into a .csv file (i.e. spreadsheet)!
Fingers crossed your district uses Medicaid billing software that allows for the import of a .csv file! Not sure? Ask your billing specialist in the district. Because what's better than a magical billing button that uploads all of that data from one file!
We would love to hear from you! Send us an email to hello@slptoolkit.com and let us know if our newest update makes your life better or if you have any feedback on how we can improve it!
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