If you are unable to access SLP Toolkit when using your school district's WiFi, you will want to contact your IT department. They will be able to grant you permission and/or have you download a certificate on your computer that will allow you to access the site. 

Here is a list of our base URLs needed to access SLP Toolkit's site and content:

Landing Page: https://www.slptoolkit.com

App Location: https://app.slptoolkit.com

API Location: https://api.slptoolkit.com

Image Viewer: https://viewer.slptoolkit.com

Knowledge Base: https://slp-toolkit-tutorials-and-faqs.groovehq.com/help

Images: https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com and https://s3.amazonaws.com

Tutorials: https://slp-toolkit-tutorials-and-faqs.groovehq.com/help

Tutorial Videos: https://vimeo.com/slptoolkit

Email Domain: @slptoolkit.com


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