We have a peer referral system that will be a win win for both you and your SLP besties called "Give 20, Get 20"! If you have any friends who aren't currently subscribers - they can get their first month for just $4 using this code: give20get20, and you'll get a $20 credit to your personally paid plan too!
To participate follow these steps:
  1. Share this case sensitive code with your coworkers : give20get20
  2. Once they upgrade inside of their account, email us at billing@slptoolkit.com with your name and Toolkit user email, and the name/email your friend used to subscribe.
  3. We will credit your personally paid account $20 for every new verified sign up!
If you're on a district paid account, and still have friends you think would benefit, we got you too! Just do steps one and two above, but instead of an account credit, we'll send you a t-shirt (so please include your unisex t-shirt size and mailing address in your email).
That's it! And the more the merrier, so shout that Toolkit love from the rooftops!