We don't offer phone support at this time. Sometimes we get asked "why not?," and this page was created to explain just that. We hope that you'll see that we care greatly about support and our customers, and why having an online only support system is providing you with a better product and a better service overall.

  • Online support keeps everything about your issue in one place. We can escalate efficiently and effectively to other team members. We can track repeat issues across multiple customers and even cross-reference trends and growing needs. It helps us debug, grow, and enhance our products for you and all of our customers.
  • Helping one leads to helping many. When you have a support issue that we resolve online, we can connect to other open tickets and see other customers struggling or asking the same question. We can then push that out as a solution or how-to in our Knowledge Base (the question mark in the upper right hand corner of your screen) and now we've created a public answer that helps dozens of users. This isn't related just to our costs and time efficiency - it's your time too! You'll save more time if you can find your answer quickly versus writing to ask us!
  • We have done our research and have discovered that customers prefer self-help solutions, videos, articles, and email to phone support. Many users don't want to be inconvenienced with waiting on hold or worse, playing phone tag.
  • Phone support costs a lot of money, and currently we only receive 1% of requests asking for it. Having this extra feature would ultimately mean raising our prices, so having online only support helps us maintain our approach to an affordable product and service fees.

At SLP Toolkit, offering amazing customer support is a priority, and that’s the reason why we’ve chosen to offer standard support via email. In all of our experience, we haven’t yet encountered an issue that couldn’t be resolved that way, and we've found this to be the most effective and efficient way to provide support. We respond to all emails within 24 hours, and typically take much less time than that to personally answer your questions or address your concern.

In a perfect world, there would never be any bugs or errors and you'd never need to figure things out. However, there will always be some troubleshooting needed as we're continually pushing out new features or updating code to continue performance with the latest operating system, browser changes, etc. And we certainly know we cannot anticipate all the questions you may have. That's why we offer the convenience of email support whenever you need it.

We get that you still may want to talk to someone, or that you'd prefer to know that we're real people. We assure you we are real.  And we're super dedicated to helping you achieve success using SLP Toolkit. You can even learn more about us by following our Instagram page as we share more personal tidbits about our team there. 

You'll find many great companies have moved to an all online based support, and we suspect that for online apps and products - like ours - the future is all online support across the board. For us, phone support is not the right offering at this time in order to keep our pricing low and our process lean. That being said, we know that some people prefer phone support. If you’d like to leave us a message, you can reach us at (480) 442-3266 and a member from our team will contact you within 3-5 business days. 

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