• What sessions will appear in the attendance report?
    Gray sessions are scheduled events generated from the schedule.  They are not live, meaning that no data has been recorded and the system doesn't register it toward a student's service minutes. Once you click in the Group Notes section or open the therapy session, the session turns blue. So even if you haven't yet taken data, this converts the session to an active 'live' session and will count towards the student's service minutes in the attendance report. 

  • How can I view my students' IEP service minutes and if I've met their required time?
    You can generate the attendance report to check the amount of time you've seen a student for a specific time range (i.e. week, month, quarter, custom date range), or generate a printout for your entire caseload.

  • Why does the start/end time differ from the session minutes?
    If you have a group with students who receive different service minutes within the same time block (ex: Student A 9:00-9:15/Student B 9:00-9:30), the full group time  will show on the attendance report, but the service minutes will show as scheduled. You can create a separate session for each student (vs. a group session) or change the time for individuals students on your schedule to show the correct start/end time in the attendance report if needed.

  • Can I print an attendance report for an archived student?
    If you need an attendance report for an archived student, you will need to unarchive them first in the Caseload tab before generating a report. 

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