Once a file is exported to Excel, you can use Excel's sorting feature to reorder the information in any way that you'd like. Here's a tutorial on how to sort your caseload data in Excel.

While working within the SLP Toolkit app, you can easily sort your caseload by any of the headings at the top to quickly view your caseload by your preferred view (e.g. by grade, or in alphabetical order, or by IEP date).

When exporting your caseload, these values are not maintained. However, it is easy to sort using Excel by following these guide steps.

Step 1: Export your caseload.

Go to the 'Actions' tab at the top of the Caseload screen and select 'Export Caseload' from the drop down menu.

It will export to a .csv file that is in random order.



Step 2: Select the column you want to sort by (e.g. Teacher, Column G).

Step 3: Once the column is selected, (1) switch to the Data tab and (2) select the AZ↓ icon next to the Sort button, and (3) click the Sort button in the pop up box (leave the expand the selection box checked).
Your caseload is now sorted as you specified.
To sort by a different header, simply repeat steps #2 and #3. 
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