Students can be deleted from your Toolkit account once they are moved from your Active Caseload to your Archived Caseload.
To first archive a student, follow these steps:
  1. Head to the Caseload tab and check the box beside each student you want to archive.
  2. Click on 'Actions' at the top and select 'Archive Students'.
  3. Confirm that you would like to archive your students. 
To delete students from your Archived Caseload, follow these steps:
  1. Click on 'Actions' at the top of the Caseload tab and then select 'Show Archived Students'
  2. Check the box beside each student you want to delete, select 'Actions', and then 'Delete Chosen Archived Students'
  3. Enter the prompt (ex: delete 2 students) and then select 'Delete Permanently'.Please note, deleting students will remove the goals, objectives, and any related student data permanently. Once deleted, a student's data cannot be recovered.

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