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There are many literacy based lesson plan templates available in the Plan tab!
Follow these steps to add a lesson plan template:

  1. Go to the 'Plan' tab
  2. Select 'Add a New Plan'
  3. Select 'Choose from Template'. 

You can search by the name of a particular book or tag/topic. Once you find the lesson plan you'd like to add, click on the name of the plan, and then 'Use this Plan'. The lesson plan will automatically open and will be added to your Plan tab. You can make any edits to the original template if needed!

Follow these steps to create your own lesson plan:

  1. Go to the 'Plan' tab
  2. Select 'Add a New Plan'
  3. Select 'Create plan from scratch'

You can then name the plan and create steps that will help you break your lesson down. For each step, there is an option to upload an image or create hyperlinks to reference any PDFs or pictures from your google drive during the session.

You can also view your students' previous data from a specific lesson plan by clicking 'Review Historical Data' on the right hand side. Choose a date from the calendar, select the session time on the right and the time frame from the top, and then click 'Generate Report.' 
Finally, you can create customized tags (e.g. vocabulary, 2nd grade, antonyms) in the top right field in order to quickly filter lesson plans later on.

To add a lesson plan in the Agenda view of the Daily Data tab, you can then click the field that says 'Select Plans' when you make a session a live (blue) event, to get a drop down of lesson plans you have created. When you click on a plan, it will assign it to that session event and you will be able to see it within the event under the 'Plan' tab on the right.

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