Do you have the perfect lesson plan that you want to share with your SLP bestie? Now you can in SLP Toolkit!

Exporting/importing lesson plans from SLP Toolkit on Vimeo.

1. In the Plan tab, check the box next to the plan(s) you would like to share.

2. Go to Actions at the top, select 'Export Plans' and confirm that your lesson plan doesn't violate any copyright rules.

3. The lesson plan will automatically download to your computer in a special .tkjp file format that you can then share via email.

To import a lesson plan that has been shared with you into your Toolkit account, follow these steps:

1. Click on the .tkjp file to download it to your computer.

2. In the Plan tab, select 'Add A New Plan' and then click 'Upload a plan.'

3. Choose the file that you want to upload and click Import.

Check out the Community tab for a free lesson plan download each week! 

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