Copy for Billing from SLP Toolkit on Vimeo.

To copy session data for Medicaid billing, follow these steps:
1. From the agenda on the daily data screen, find the group you want to work with.
2. Next to each student's name, you will see a small dollar sign icon - click that. If the $ icon is red, that means you have entered notes for that student; and if it is blue, that means there are no Student/Goal notes for that student.
3. Once you click the dollar sign icon, it will turn into a green check mark. This means that the session information for that student is now saved to your device's clipboard and is ready to paste into any format: online EMR software, an email to a teacher/parent, etc. You can paste by doing a right click on your device.

If you would like to select which info is copied for billing, you can do so through the Billing Template Editor - go to the main ‘Actions’ drop down at the top, click ‘Edit Billing Template’ and then check the info you want to include. 
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