The strategies section is a bank of strategies that teachers and parents can use to enhance speech and language skills. These can also be used as accommodations in a student’s IEP.  Strategies are listed for speech/language disorders as well as a variety of other areas (e.g. Autism, memory, word retrieval). Strategies can be selected and copied to print, email, or add into a student’s IEP. 

To access strategies, go to the 'Students' tab and select the student you are working with from the name drop down list.  Next, click on 'Strategies & Accommodations' from the panel on the left and then select 'Add Strategy.'  The library will then open.  Select the category you would like to work with and select the specific strategies that you want to use with your student.

After selecting strategies, click the copy icon button at the bottom of the screen.  You can then paste the information into whatever document you choose (e.g. into the IEP, into an email, or into a document to print and send home with the student).  Note: Pasting defaults to including the student information you entered into the caseload screen (name, teacher name, IEP data, etc.), so delete that information if needed.  When finished, click Done and you will go back to the Student dashboard.

Strategies and Accommodations Feature from SLP Toolkit on Vimeo.

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