If you have a .csv file spreadsheet of the students on your caseload, then you can get your caseload added into your account in just a matter of minutes. 

Watch this video tutorial to see just how easy it is: 

Import Your Caseload from SLP Toolkit on Vimeo.

If your IEP software system provides an export, then you can use the import feature in SLP Toolkit to quickly get your caseload set up. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the .csv file to import.
    Make sure the DOB/IEP/Eval dates are listed in this format before selecting the file: MM/DD/YYYY
  2. Preview the records to be imported and determine if the first row contains student information or headers - then click the corresponding button on the screen. Deselect any other records that do not contain student information.
  3. Match your headers with the corresponding SLP Toolkit Data Fields, or select 'Don't Import' for columns you don't want to include. Then select 'Import' at the bottom.

The caseload screen automatically defaults to the headers below, but you can customize which fields are shown by going to the 'Actions' drop down at the top and selecting 'Customize Caseload Fields.' Deselect any fields you would like to hide and save your changes.


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