We have added an option on the caseload screen under the 'Actions' button at the top for you to upload a .csv file for importing your caseload.

The import feature allows you to import a .csv file with the following set fields:

First Name, Last Name, DOB, IEP Date, Eval Date, Case Manager, Eligibility, School, Teacher

If your IEP software system provides an export with more or less than the above fields, you will need to modify the file before importing. In addition, these fields must be listed in the order stated above.

E.g. 1 - If your report lists first name/last name in one field, you will need to separate them by first name in one column and last name in the next column.

E.g. 2 - If your field does not include one of the required fields such as DOB, insert a column to represent this field in between Last Name and IEP Date and leave it blank.

To use the import feature, simply follow these three steps:

1.         Select the .csv file to import.

2.         Review the records to be imported and determine if any records need to be deselected.

3.         You will then confirm the import.

Click here to watch a video tutorial on caseload import using a .csv file.


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