We've all been there. You look at the clock and boom it hits you - you have an IEP meeting after school today that you did not get a chance to write. You have 30 minutes to spend either writing the draft IEP or to grab the student and get updated information on present levels. But even if you grab the student, you still have to write the IEP!

Let SLP Toolkit's auto-generated Present Level Assessment (PLA) Summary come to the rescue!

Simply administer the PLA (all subtests or those of your choice) and the app will identify communication strengths and needs based on the student's performance.


Close the PLA, click the 'Actions' button next to the PLA name, and select the 'Print' button from the drop down.

At the top of the results, you will see the summary of communication strengths and needs. These can be copied and pasted right into the present levels section of your IEP document.

You no longer have to choose between paperwork or having the information you need to have a well designed IEP for a student. Let SLP Toolkit help to streamline your workload! 

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