Once your Present Level Assessment has been administered, the system will auto-score the test and make suggestions for progress monitoring.  Click on the number and select one or more progress monitoring tests below to further test the identified skills. Tests will then be created in the Progress Monitoring section.

The app will also create an auto-generated summary of the Present Level Assessment results. Simply administer the PLA (all subtests or those of your choice) and the app will identify communication strengths and needs based on the student's performance. 

Exit out from the PLA and click the 'Actions' button next to the test's name. Select 'Print' from the drop down menu.

A summary of the test will generate. At the top of the results, you will see a list of the communication strengths and needs. These can be copied and pasted right into the present levels section of your IEP document.  You can edit these into more of a narrative format in your IEP document if desired.

You no longer have to choose between paperwork or having the information you need to have a well designed IEP for a student - let SLP Toolkit help to streamline your workload!

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