One of the best parts of taking data in SLP Toolkit is that it averages and graphs your data for you! To access reports of student's performance related to daily data, go to the ‘Reports’ tab and select the type of report you would like to view. 

Here is a quick tooltip with more info! 
There are 3 different data reports you can choose from:

The report 'Data Sorted by Goal' is a great option for progress report purposes, as it includes goal/objective data, Goal notes, an optional graph, and an average of all your data points! Here is an example:

The report 'Data Sorted by Date' is more of a "traditional" data report with all data/notes listed chronologically from newest to oldest, and includes all Group, Student, and Goal notes.
Here is an example:

The report 'Data Sorted by Session' was designed to data/notes for a group session, and includes the group member's names, lesson plan used, data/notes for all group members. Here is an example:

Important tips:

The order of the student names when printing reports is based on how you have your caseload sorted. So if you would like the list in alphabetical order by first name, make sure your list is sorted this way on the main caseload screen.

If you would only like to include the students' name and date of birth, uncheck the box at the top with the person icon. If you would like to include more info, such as therapist/teacher name, IEP date, etc. check the box.

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