In the ever-changing world of privacy regulation, each state attempts to do things the right way. As a result, we end up with some states having complex laws and other having no laws concerning the storage and protection of student data. This article is a starting place for those looking to find out how SLP Toolkit complies with the standards and regulations specific to your state.

We've been hard at work compiling data for each state, and listed specific states below to help you get a handle on the regulations with which your district or organization might be concerned.

If you don't see your state here, you can still generate a privacy agreement for your district with the link below. If your state has specific guidelines and rules that you'd like to see added for this list, just scroll to the bottom to find out how to add it.

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State-specific Guidance

Arizona Guidance

Arkansas Guidance

California Guidance

Connecticut Guidance

Florida Guidance

Illinois Guidance

Iowa Guidance

Maine Guidance

Massachusetts Guidance

Michigan Guidance

Missouri Guidance

Nebraska Guidance

New Hampshire

New York Guidance

Ohio Guidance

Oklahoma Guidance

Oregon Guidance

Tennessee State Guidance

Vermont Guidance

Virginia Guidance

Wisconsin Guidance

Washington State Guidance

Coming Soon!

North Carolina
Rhode Island


If your state is not listed, and you have state-specific statutes or laws that affect SLP Toolkit, please send an email to the address below, or check out the federal standards concerning student data.

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