Purchasing Steps:

  1. If you need an instant quote, click here.
  2. To submit a new order using a purchase order (or district credit card), click here.
  3. To place a renewal order, email sales@slptoolkit.com for your unique renewal URL link.
  4. Our sales team will email you with next steps once we have received an order form and/or a quote. 

Important Documents/Information:

  • For privacy contracts, we provide a standard contract specific to your state (here) at no charge. If your state is not listed, please email  and we will create one for you.
  • To access our W9, click here.
  • If you need our sole source affidavit, click here to access.
  • Please review the terms & conditions for district and other organizational contracts here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about purchase order sales:

  1. Question: What is SLP Toolkit's Address for vendor setup and remittance info? SLP Toolkit, LLC. 124 W. 1st St., Mesa, AZ 85201. Phone: (480) 442-3266. We do not have a fax number.
  2. Question: What if I need SLP Toolkit to complete district forms? If you need us to complete any additional vendor forms, email them to sales@slptoolkit.com.
  3. Question: Does SLP Toolkit accept credit card payments? Yes, we do accept credit card payments.
  4. Question: Can my district sign-up for monthly subscriptions instead of yearly? District subscriptions are annual or yearly, not monthly. We do offer monthly subscriptions for personal or individual subscribers, but these are solely managed by the account user. If an individual is  interested in a monthly plan, you must use a credit card and upgrade inside of the user's account when logged into SLP Toolkit.
  5. Question: Are in app coupons eligible for purchase order sales? No. In app coupons are only eligible for our personal/individual subscriptions not district subscriptions. We do offer discounts for district group rates. 
  6. Question: Does SLP Toolkit offer any discount for districts? Yes, we offer group discounts for groups 25 +. Click here to get a quote and it will automatically add volume discounts as quantities increase.
  7. Question: Can multiple users access one subscription? No a single subscription is assigned to one user. Our app doesn't support more than one user to login at a time; otherwise, data may not save properly. 
  8. Question: What if I need to add or remove a user before the term of the subscription has ended? To add a user, we can prorate subscriptions so that all users are on the same timeline (email: sales@slptoolkit.com). To remove a user, we can directly transfer subscriptions from one user to another or keep the subscription as TBD until it can be transferred to a new user. 
  9. Question: Does SLP Toolkit offer assistance with user onboarding or anything related to user support? Yes once we receive a purchase order, we will email the account manager to obtain a user list. From there we send a welcome email to new users. Users receive various forms of support from our Customer Happiness team hello@slptoolkit.com.
  10. Question: Does SLP Toolkit offer district assistance in managing subscriptions throughout the year? Yes, we offer various district or admin support throughout the year. Email help@slptoolkit.com

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