Many privacy standards ask you to publish a list of all the contractors and subcontractors used by your organization. That list can be difficult to compile, so we've made things a little easier by publishing all the services we use to host our apps and store our data. You can also check out the student data we collect and store with this article here (click here).

Hosting & Data Storage

We use a combination of Heroku, MongoDB Atlas, and AWS to host our apps and keep data safe and secure. All data is stored on servers in the United States, so it stays subject to the laws in the US. These services all work together so we can deliver SLP Toolkit reliably to your computers, iPads, and phones every day.

Heroku compliance center
Mongo DB Atlas trust center
AWS Privacy

Payment Processing

We use Stripe to process credit cards and track subscriptions for our individual SLP Toolkit users. Stripe is compliant with PCI standards, and we let them handle the security and privacy for our users' credit card info.

Click here to read Stripe privacy & security docs


We use a number of other services to collect data about the app and our users so we can monitor and improve the applications. That data is de-identified, so it never contains any personal information about the students. We take this responsibility pretty seriously, and we audit our processes every year to make sure it all works as planned. is used to review user behavior and post info to app users. is used to provide you support and this knowledge base here. is used to send out our newsletter and other emails.

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