SLP Toolkit subscriptions are priced by the individual user and each user must have their own account. Subscriptions are:

  • $215 per year (offered in app or for district purchases made at
  • OR $24 per month (offered in app only)

If you'd like to change your subscription plan, click on the 'person' icon in the top right corner of your account. 

SLPs: We don’t want you to pay for it!! We have a lot of users that have had their districts, principals, PTOs, and other creative funding sources cover the cost.

  • Share this district packet with your SLPs/admin to get the ball rolling!
  • We do offer pricing discounts for orders of 25+.
  • View our purchase order guidelines here
  • If you need an instant quote, click here.
  • To submit a new order with a purchase order or school credit card, click here.

Questions? Contact anytime for more details on group orders. 

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