How to Tag Students

You can create tags for students in three different places. Once you create a tag, it will populate in each of the following locations: 

1) The scheduler -







2) The Students tab - go to 'Actions' at the top > select 'Edit Student Data' > Additional Tags.

3) The Caseload tab - use the 'Tags' column to create custom tags. Tags may help you categorize specific students or subgroups (e.g. self-contained kids, teletherapy clients, etc.). You can also search for students by a specific tag.

Filter Students by Tag in the Scheduler

Creating tags for your students can help you schedule them without all the brain strain. You can tag students by certain classes or timeframes that they're available to be seen for services. Then, using the filter under the Service Times tab, you can easily view all of the students that are free at a certain time period. For example, in the picture above, I filtered all of the students on my caseload that have the tag '2nd hour.' Now that I have the students that are available for services during 2nd hour, I can highlight a time block during 2nd period on the schedule view, click the 'Schedule' button, and the students will automatically transport onto my schedule - just like that!

Tag Student Notes

You can tag notes in the Students dashboard to make them easier to find and filter by. Simply type in the name of the tag in the Tags column. You can add one or multiple tags to a note.

To filter notes, use the search bar at the top to find notes by a specific tag. When you filter your notes, you can then print just those notes by using the Actions button to the right of the search bar.