It is possible to transfer a 'student file' from one SLP Toolkit user to another. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select the student(s) you want to transfer by checking the box to the left of each student's name.  Next, select the 'Transfer Students' option from the drop down of the 'Actions' button at the top of the screen.

2. You will be prompted to enter the receiving SLP's email address twice, then select 'Transfer' to confirm.

3. The student(s) will now be off of your active caseload list and in the 'Archived Students' section of your 'Students' tab in case you need to review any of the data you took with the receiving SLP. (To view the data, go to your 'Students' tab, and select 'View Archived Data' to review the archived students.)

4. The receiving SLP will receive an email where s/he will need to accept the transfer using the provided link.  

5. After accepting the transfer, the receiving SLP will receive a confirmation message.

The transferred student(s) will now appear on the receiving SLP's active caseload screen which will include all information that the previous SLP collected except session data!  The receiving SLP will have access to the student's demographic information and receive the completed Present Level Assessments, progress monitoring tests, and goals for that student.  No sensitive information is exchanged by email - all data is securely transferred within SLP Toolkit's site.

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