The daily data feature in SLP Toolkit will help you collect and track quality data for each of your students. To get started, follow the steps below, or check out this Daily Data Feature video. 🎥

  1. If you've already added a schedule to SLP Toolkit, then you will see scheduled session events on your Daily Data agenda. If you don't have any sessions yet, right-click or click the Actions button at the top to add a New Therapy Session. 
  2. Use the Group Notes box in the session event to list your therapy activity/plan or any notes that you would like to apply to each student in your group. You can also click on Plan to link a lesson plan from the Plan tab.
  3. Click on the time of the event to enter the session.
  4. Select a student from the left hand panel and click on one of their goals you would like to target. Use the + and - buttons to begin taking data on that goal. You can change the calculator type by using the dropdown next to Accuracy. 
  5. Click between students and goals to take data on different goals. 
  6. Use the Student box at the bottom to track qualitative data or observations about an individual student such as behavior, a language sample, motivations, etc. 
  7. Click on the Goal note box to document specific information about a goal like cues or stimulus items that were used. 
  8. On the Daily Data agenda, click the $ icon next to a student to copy their data/notes for Medicaid billing.

You are now a digital data pro! 🎉 Check out this article to see how you can print a data report.

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