To add a non therapy event such as lunch, duty, lesson planning, etc. to your schedule, open your schedule and right-click at the time you want your event to start.  
*Note: If you are using a Mac, hold down the Control key while using your trackpad to click on the time you want your event to start.
You will see a list of pre-populated options from the dropdown, and also an 'Other' option to enter custom text.
The time block defaults to a 30 minute period, but you can drag the right side of the event to shorten or lengthen the time.
These non therapy events can't be added from the daily data agenda, so if you don't want them to reoccur each week, here is a workaround: Create a student named "IEP Meeting" or "Testing," etc. and create a single session in the Daily Data agenda by right clicking your mouse and then selecting 'New Therapy Session'. 
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